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Credit card

We accept the following credit cards




If you decide to use PayPal as payment method, you will pay for your order directly through your verified PayPal account. The Company informs you that only payments made by verified accounts will be accepted and we reserves the right to ship the Productsordered to the address listed on the verified PayPal account.

Payments from Unverified PayPal Accounts will be cancelled and, consequently, will not be shipped from the Company.

Cash on delivery (only for Italy)

You can choose cash on delivery (COD) as payment method

for this service you will be charged of a £4,39 fee£4,37

This payment method allow you to pay in cash at the delivery (notice that the courier does not accept checks and does not give change). This service is available only for Italy. Please check if the shipping location chosen is covered by the service when filling in the part of your shipping cart details.

If the shipment of an order made by COD will not be successful for causes attributable to the customer, the company reserves the right not to proceed with any other order with the same payment method. If you chooses COD as a payment method you must have a postal or bank current account for a possible refund in case of return.

Bank transfer

If you decide to pay by bank transfer, in the confirmation email will be indicated the bank coordinates of the company. In this case, the products ordered will be put aside, until your bank transfer arrives to the company's current account.

The Customer is required to send a copy of the transfer order to the company within 4 days of receipt of the confirmation email. If we do not receive the copy within this period, we will cancel the order

once the company has received your bank transfer, we will send you the product ordered.

Our bank coordinates are:


Banca Popolare Pugliese

IBAN: IT32S0526279450CC0111056960



Our company guarantees you a secure payment. Your bank details are fully encrypted and protected by the security system.


your bank details does not circulate on the internet and is by no means visible to the company, this is why we require your credit card details every time you place an order.

some credit cards, in order to protect you from online fraud, require a further security code that must be used to confirm your payment. The code is provided by your bank.

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